Solar Energy Solutions

Solar power is harnessing the sun's rays to create energy for your home or business. Going solar is one of the best, most rewarding ways to reduce your carbon footprint, and off-set the rising costs of electricity.

There are several components that go into a solar installation, so we provide a seamless process for our customers and handle every aspect of the job for you.

In addition, we provide equipment from top manufacturers in order to provide peace of mind that you are receiving the best products to help you produce electricity for your energy needs.


How do Solar Energy Systems Work?


The sun provides two types of energy to us – heat and electricity. The sun's warmth can be felt anytime you step outside on a sunny day, but how do we harvest the sun's electricity?

Solar panels are designed to capture that energy. There are two main types of solar panels: photovoltaic (PV) and concentrating solar power (CSP).

PV solar panel power is utilized for homes and small businesses.

CSP is used in large power plants.

PV solar panels are made from silicon and other types of semiconductor materials, which are encased in glass. When the semiconductor materials receive photons from sunlight, they release electrons, producing an electrical photovoltaic charge, which is captured within the panels.

That electricity is converted into alternating currents (AC) by a converter.

One solar panel produces 250 to 400 watts of power.

An average home in Texas uses 20 to 25 panels for its solar energy system, meeting routine daily needs.

Can Solar Panels Still Capture Power on a Cloudy Day?


Yes. Even when the Dallas-Fort Worth area is raining, cloudy, or experiencing severe storms, solar panels still generate electricity, but not as efficiently as through direct sunlight. That is why you often see solar power panels located on rooftops or open areas that receive the most sun. Those locations allow the best capture of sunlight.

It should be noted that solar panels are waterproof, and rain helps keep them clean, which, in turn, helps them generate solar power more efficiently. In part, due to our area's unpredictable weather, Circle L Solar recommends backup battery storage for your solar power, which provides energy for your home or business when the electricity grid shuts down.

Why Texas Homeowners are Making the Switch to Solar


Solar power offers homeowners independence from electrical companies without worrying when the grid may go down from overuse or during a storm. And solar energy is less expensive. Additionally, there are many tax credits, incentives, and rebates available to homeowners in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including:

  • The Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit offers a 30 percent federal tax credit when a solar system is installed and activated between January 1, 2022, through the end of 2032.
  • While there is no state property tax in Texas, Tarrant County and the City of Dallas collect property taxes, and the Renewable Energy Systems Property Tax Exemption may apply within those areas.
  • The Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program offered through the Texas Gas Service provides up to $750 for a solar water heater with a natural gas backup.
  • The Solar Energy Rebate through CoServe offers rebates, the amounts of which are based on the number of solar kilowatts installed.

Additionally, solar power is renewable, and the sun provides unlimited energy sourcing for that power yet produces no harmful greenhouse effects. And the carbon footprint of solar panels is small.


Our solar installations are turnkey and include, but are not limited to:

  • Tier 1, Class A Solar Panels

  • Mounting/Racking System

  • Enphase Microinverters

  • Professional Electrical Drawing

  • City/County Permit

  • HOA Design Drawing and Approval

  • Monitoring System

  • Manufacturer's Certificate

  • 25 year performance and workmanship warranty

Why Circle L Solar?

What we do is not nearly as important as why we do it. At Circle L Solar, we feel it is our responsibility to help homeowners to reduce their energy consumption and costs through eco-friendly and sustainable solutions.



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