. How Does Solar Work?

. How Does Battery Storage Work For My Solar System?

Batteries, both lithium ion and/or led acid, take the energy produced from you solar panels and immediately stores it in the battery for immediate, or later use depending upon the design. Batteries are a great way to have electricity in your home in the event of a power outage. They are also intended to charge during the day, then power all or part of your home in the evening when the sun is not out.

. What Happens If I Ever Have Any Problems With My System?

We ask that you contact us directly. We are licensed and insured contractors and we handle every aspect of the job for you. We will never pawn you off on a manufacturer which can be frustrating. We deal with each of our manufacturers and handle the warranties in-house.

. What Incentives Are Out There For Homeowner's To Go Solar, Or Make Energy Efficient Upgrades?

For solar, there is a Federal Tax Credit of 26% of the gross system cost. Some utilities will also provide further incentives and rebates to their customers for feeding solar back into the power grid. Check with your utility provider to see what incentives are available. For energy efficient upgrades, there are additional Federal Tax Credits that are available and range depending upon the item, or service purchased. Some utilities will also provide additional rebates for energy efficient upgrades.

. Can I Increase The Size Of My Solar System At A Later Date?

Absolutely. When we design a system, we always keep in mind that you will add more panels in the future. If we use a string inverter, we always size it larger than they system being installed so when it does come time to increase the system size, we can accomplish it at a lower cost since the proper inverter is already in place. If we use a micro-inverter, it can be accomplished with ease since each inverter will be installed independently on each panel.

. Will My Retail Electric Provider (REP) Write Me A Check For Any Credits I Have With Them At The End Of The Month,
Or Year?

While most REP’s have a solar buyback program, they will not write a check for any excess generation. They will usually provide roll-over credits that are credited back each month. At the end of the year, if you have any credits available to you, they will normally go away and you start over again. With this understanding, we recommend designing a system to account for approximately 80 - 85% of your annual usage.

. Can You Get Me A Lower Rate For My Electric Bill?

While we are not a retail electric provider, we do have strategic partnerships to help provide our customers with lower rates than they are currently receiving. Although there are websites that advertise cheap rates, they usually penalize customers for using less energy. With our affiliate partners, we can obtain fixed pricing regardless of many kWh you do, or don’t use. Typically, we can help our customers save an additional 15 -30% on their kWh rates alone.

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