Circle L is a leading provider of Commercial Solar (PV) Energy and Commercial Battery Storage Systems

We specialize in small to medium commercial and utility scale Solar (PV) projects, Energy Efficiency, and Water Conservation.

One of the largest expenditures that a business incurs every month is utility and energy expenses. As a business owner, it is a primary goal to decrease expenses while increasing profits without compromising the integrity of the company. At Circle L, we understand these goals and assist in the design and implementation of energy saving solutions that adhere to your company’s objectives.

With solar energy, your business can become energy independent and mitigate a large expense that will your business become more profitable. Solar energy also helps your company become more independent from the power grid, and decreases susceptibility of rate increases.

Energy Efficiency:
A forgone afterthought to most is the overall energy efficiency of a building. We have professionally trained Energy Advisers that can perform a free audit of your facility and provide strategic ways to reduce your overall energy consumption through environmentally friendly, cost-saving solutions.

Water Conservation:
Depending on the type of business you have, water consumption may also be a large part of your monthly expenses. Our Professionally trained Advisers can identify additional cost-saving solutions by implementing water conservation systems.

On-Site Assessment
  • Feasibility Study
  • Energy Assessment
  • Assess Savings Goals
  • Production/Savings Analysis
  • Engineering Design Implementation

*Circle L Solar, Inc. employs NABCEP Certified PV Technical Installation and Sales Professionals who create initial design and analysis’. We do however use third party engineering firms for any Professional Engineer stamps that are required by, but not limited to, City, State, Municipality and/or Utility organizations.

  • In-House Installation Teams
  • TDLR Listed
  • NABCEP Certified
Financial Assessment
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Financing Options
  • Cash Flow Analysis


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